Raw Potential board members rattle the can at Light Rail launch

More than 25,000 people turned out to be part of history in Canberra as Light Rail debuted on Northbourne Avenue on a beautiful April Easter Saturday morning. Coinciding with the launch of Light Rail was a well-planned gold coin fund-raising activity that will go to help the work of local charities.

Raw Potential Canberra board members Wayne Sharwood and Shelley Miller were among a number of great community volunteers who gave their support to Hands Across Canberra in their fund-raising endeavours on the opening day of light rail.

Hands Across Canberra was the Chief Minister’s designated charity to benefit from the support of Canberrans taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a free first ride on the new transport system.   Gold coin collection points were at both the Gungahlin Town Centre stop and the Civic terminus.

Hand Across Canberra was established to raise funds to support local charities and has recently taken responsibility for the management and administration of the Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund. Raw Potential has been the beneficiary of grants from Hands Across Canberra which have greatly assisted building some of our important programs.

Shelley and Wayne are pictured rattling the can for Hands Across Canberra during the light rail launch.

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