We’re here for you

In Canberra, around 500 young folks face the rough reality of homelessness each night. Some crash on a friend’s couch, others sleep on the streets or hide away in the bushland. No one should ever feel cornered with no place to go. That’s where Raw Potential Canberra steps in. We’re all about helping you, especially if you’re between 12 and 25 and dealing with tough stuff like homelessness and violence. We’re here when you need us most, even after hours. And guess what? No judgment. Ever. Our team doesn’t just sit and wait – we hit the streets. We find young people who can’t or don’t want to access help. Then we work with them, over time, to get them back on track with the rest of society. Because we believe in your potential to turn things around.

Stories - Our Impact

Two sisters, 19 & 21. One had 2 children, the other pregnant.

They were homeless and living in a car. Raw Potential Canberra found and paid for emergency accommodation, had their priority lifted for community housing. We assisted with the house set up, including providing kitchen goods.

A girl 16. Her family had broken up unexpectedly.

She was living in a car, although she was too young to drive it with her pet dog, the only loved item she could save from home. Raw Potential found a place where she could be have her dog and attempted to find bridges back to home. Food provided as well as assistance with obtaining access to Government services.

I’m extremely happy, happiest I’ve ever been at a dentist.

These are the words of a young female who took part in our Dental program.