Psqd – Champions for Charity Tennis Tournament – 14th March 2019


I am pleased to announce the details for the 2019 P² Invitational which provides a fundraising platform to support needy Canberra based Charities.

The Invitational has raised over $1 million since it’s inception in 2011 and we would really appreciate your support in continuing the legacy and supporting two wonderful charities in 2019.

The 2019 P² Invitational will be held on Thursday 14 March 2019 at the Canberra Tennis Centre in Lyneham.


For the love of tennis” – a donation of $4,000 which includes:
(100% of funds raised will be donated directly to Raw Potential Canberra and The Fly Program – 50/50 split)

•    Team Registration (minimum 2 players, maximum 4 players)
•    2 tickets to the post-event dinner, held at Rubicon
•    a light lunch, refreshments and beverages
•    afternoon drinks and canapés, kindly provided and donated by Rubicon
•    each player will receive a t-shirt, hat and drink bottle on the day
•    up to 10 spectators to watch the finals and network from 4pm – 6pm
•    the opportunity to play with tennis icons; John Fitzgerald, Wally Masur and/or Alicia Molik
•    the opportunity to mingle and network with other business owners
•    the opportunity to win a prize/prizes from the gift pool on the day

Champion for Charity” – $5,000 donation
(100% of funds raised will be donated directly to Raw Potential Canberra and The Fly Program – 50/50 split)

•    For an additional $1,000 donation (total donation of $5,000) secure the opportunity to have one of our talented tennis legends play a match with your team in the general rounds

Our Charities

The 2019 P² Invitational will support two deserving charities. The funds will be shared equally.

Raw Potential Canberra

Formerly known as Youthcare Canberra, Raw Potential Canberra provides support and assistance for young people that are often extremely isolated and disengaged from the general community. They are young people experiencing homelessness, drug use and mental health issues often stemming from abuse experienced as a child.

Findings show that these young people have issues trusting others and rarely seek or ask for assistance so with funding from the Invitational Raw Potential Canberra will purchase a vehicle which will be stocked with food, water, swags (sleeping bags), laptops for service information and referrals. ‘Going mobile’ will allow them to reach out to vulnerable young people in the community and provide immediate to moderate support including crisis support and emergency relief. 

To find out more about Raw Potential Canberra click here.

The Fly Program

The Fly Program was founded in 2016 and aims to promote the prevention and control of suicide and mental illness, depression, anxiety and other related disorders amongst Australian men located in the ACT and surrounding region. Currently offering a number of programs aimed to directly assist men with resources to support healthier lives, physical, emotionally, socially and mentally through outdoor programs held in the Snowy Mountains. 

Funding received through the Invitational will directly contribute to funding and supporting men from the ACT and surrounding area, that would otherwise be unable to attend an 8-week ‘Men in Flight’ program in 2019 and 2020. The first component of the program begins with a four day program focused on outdoor activities and intensive sessions to deliver skills and knowledge that will build competence and confidence and an appreciation for the natural environment, whilst gaining mental health support. The second component of the program has individuals participate in a seven-week remote learning module called the ‘Manifesto’ facilitated by The Fly Program facilitators and volunteers.

To learn more about The Fly Program click here.

Celebrity Champions

We are thrilled to announce that we will once again have an amazing line up of tennis icons; John FitzgeraldWally Masur and Alicia Molik!

Their participation has been instrumental in making the Invitational a unique event. We thank them for their ongoing support, enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoy their tales from inside the tennis world!


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