A golden opportunity welcomed

The proceeds of local tourist attraction Cockington Green Gardens’ annual Canberra Day gold coin donation charity fundraiser have been handed over to Raw Potential Canberra chairman, Paul Kane by Cockington Green Gardens’ director and operations manager, Mark Sarah.

The gold coin fundraiser this year raised just on $6,000 and was split evenly between Raw Potential and another local charity, Canberra City Care. Each charity received $3,000 from the Canberra Day donations where locals were given the opportunity to enter the attraction for just a gold coin donation.

Cockington Green Gardens uses the Canberra Day public holiday to encourage the local community to take advantage of a fun and money-saving day out to the attraction whilst helping the less fortunate in the community. Since the gold coin donation day began in conjunction with Canberra’s Centenary in 2013, Cockington Green has given over $30,000 to local charities in addition to their other philanthropic contributions in the 40 years since they opened in 1979.

In receiving the funds, Paul Kane said, “We are so grateful to Cockington Green for their wonderful support of Raw Potential and previously when we were operating as Youth Care Canberra. This is the second time in the last couple of years that we have been the beneficiary of their support and it makes such a positive impact on the work of our hard-working outreach workers.”

“I say it often because it is so true, the Canberra business community is just so wonderfully generous in their support of the less fortunate in our community. This latest contribution is a fine example of a local business who have given up a lot of potential revenue to give locals a good day out whilst at the same time supporting a local charity. It is nice to be on the receiving end of that generosity and know it is making a difference,” concluded Paul.

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