Maloney’s Long Lunch out to hit community hardship for six

Twenty-five years in business has taught Peter and Sue Maloney of Maloney’s Real Estate that their strong connection with the local business community is an incredible asset in their commitment to help eradicate hardship in the community.

Their annual long lunch held over the past 7 years has raised in excess of $400,000 which has been directed to charities to vastly improve the lives of people who need support and don’t enjoy the basics which so many in the community take for granted.

A few years ago, Peter and Sue connected Maloney’s annual long lunch with The Chappell Foundation to deal with disadvantage and homelessness being felt by at-risk young people.   In turn, this wonderful partnership has led to incredible support for Canberra based charity, Raw Potential Canberra.

This year’s Maloney’s Long Lunch in conjunction with The Chappell Foundation, as well as celebrating 25 years in business for Maloney’s Real Estate, will be held at the Hellenic Club in Woden on Thursday, 11 November 2021.   The event which has a cricket theme will include one of Australia’s greatest fast bowlers, Jeff Thomson, as a guest speaker.

Peter and Sue have lofty goals for this year’s lunch even in a COVID world and have great faith in the supporters of their Long Lunch to get right behind the community at a time when hardship is greater than ever.

Last year’s event resulted in The Chappell Foundation providing $75,000 to Raw Potential Canberra which generously leveraged a further $25,000 contribution to Raw Potential Canberra via the Hands Across Canberra annual appeal.

Raw Potential Canberra chairman, Paul Kane, has congratulated Maloney’s Real Estate on the occasion of their 25 years in business and thanked principal’s Peter and Sue Maloney for their generosity and initiative in creating a partnership with The Chappell Foundation which has an incredible record of support for young at-risk people across Australia.

“We are extremely fortunate to be involved with the Maloney’s Long Lunch and The Chappell Foundation, both of whom recognize the importance of giving back to this community.   Whilst the day does provide some wonderful networking opportunities for the local business community, the messaging on the day, as well as the response by supporters, is all about helping those so desperately in need,” said Mr. Kane.

“It has been a very difficult period for charities supporting those in need and for us to have this opportunity to work with Peter and Sue and The Chappell Foundation to support Canberra’s at-risk young people, we are extremely grateful,” concluded Mr. Kane.

Left to right: Tim Gilbert (Sky News), Peter Maloney, Greg Chappell and Sue Maloney at the 2020 Maloney’s Long Lunch.